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PillarFour Capital Announces Investment in CORE Linepipe

September 30, 2020, Calgary, Canada


PillarFour Capital Partners (“PillarFour”), an energy-focused private investment fund, is pleased to announce an investment in CORE Linepipe Inc. (“CORE” or the “Company”).


Founded in 2012, CORE is a Calgary-based company that has developed patented pipeline solutions that greatly reduce the cost of linepipe installation, including eliminating the need for conventional field welding through CORE’s patented Clickweld® system. Manufactured at CORE’s state of the art facility in Crossfield, Alberta, the Company’s dual containment, pipe-in-pipe solutions improve pipeline safety and greatly enhance overall pipeline integrity, significantly reducing the overall risk of the environmental impact associated with pipeline leakage and fugitive gas emissions. To date CORE has had zero in-service pipeline failures on over 300km of installed linepipe.

The Company is currently operating across Western Canada and in the U.S. states of Colorado, Pennsylvania and Texas, with plans for continued expansion into the U.S. and International markets in the future.


“We have known the management team of CORE for several years and we are very pleased to now be partnering with the entire CORE team, its board and shareholders through this investment,” said Matt Colucci, Managing Partner at PillarFour. “We are very excited about the continued roll out of the Company’s patented pipeline solutions and are confident in the team’s ability to execute on its exciting growth plans, including the continued, near-term expansion of the Company’s U.S. operations.”


Sam Bouey, Chief Executive Officer and President of CORE commented, “We are very pleased to be partnering with PillarFour as we continue to grow our business both geographically and through the continued development of our unique pipeline technology solutions. As investors, PillarFour has a strong track record in the energy technology space and we’re pleased to have their support and assistance as we embark on the next phase of CORE’s ambitious growth strategy.”

About PillarFour Capital


PillarFour Capital is a global investment fund with offices in Calgary, Canada and London, UK. PillarFour invests in Sustainable, Energy Technology and Innovation Companies, targeting investment in companies with high ROIC, low capital intensity and commercial technologies aimed at enhancing sustainability and lowering carbon intensity in the oilfield. The PillarFour investment team is made up of dedicated energy and technology professionals, offering our investee companies decades of operational, financial, strategic planning and capital markets expertise. We partner with high quality management teams, putting in place strategies that maximize value creation by emphasizing operational excellence, prudent governance and social licence.

For more information, please contact:

PillarFour Capital

Calgary: +1 (587) 349 2825
London: +44 (0) 20 7316 3164

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