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We target investments in energy technology companies with high ROIC, low capital intensity and a focus on commercial technologies aimed at enhancing sustainability

and lowering carbon intensity in the oilfield.

We believe that great businesses are built by great teams. We back management teams with strong track records of creating value and draw on our own expertise and that of our extensive, global network of energy and technology professionals to ensure success.



Target investment size of between $5-$15MM.

Participation in larger deals with support of co-investment.

Preferred equity, common equity, convertible and structured debt.


Capital to pursue organic growth or growth by acquisition.

Expansion capital to acquire assets or grow an existing business line.

Co-Investment alongside other PE Funds / VC Partners.


Strong management teams with proven track records.

Technology companies focused on reducing carbon intensity.

Defensible and sustainable competitive advantage.

PillarFour Capital invests in Sustainable, Energy Technology and Innovation Companies.

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Alexander Tubular provides high-quality HDPE Piping solutions designed to meet the growing demand in water distribution, geothermal, telecommunications and oil & gas.

Grafta is an innovative material science company that has developed a proprietary technology for producing synthetic graphene to service the wastewater remediation industry. 

Metatek Group is a UK-based specialist geosciences company that acquires, processes and interprets a variety of high-resolution geophysical surveys for clients worldwide, including governments, national, multinational and independent oil & gas and mining companies.

CORE has developed patented pipeline solutions that greatly reduce the cost of linepipe installation, including eliminating the need for conventional field welding through CORE’s patented ClickWeld® system.

The Bayou Companies has been providing high-quality pipe coating products and services to the pipeline industry for over 75 years. Bayou is a leader in the coating market and its products and services ensure the safe operation of pipelines throughout the world.

CLEANTEK designs, manufactures and rents proprietary products for oil & gas drilling and production operations and the commercial construction industry. CLEANTEK’S primary products offer advanced, patented solutions to the wastewater management and oilfield/construction lighting sectors.

SixRing™ is dedicated to the development of a suite of patented chemicals, formulas, methods and processes to contribute to global sustainable development. Compared to existing biofuel technologies, the SixRing™ process creates minimal emissions, does not compete with food production, and is readily scalable.



NuWave pioneered a revolutionary new method for oil and gas well and pipeline abandonment. NuWave is targeting the structural backlog of suspended and unabandoned wells throughout Western Canada and the United States.

Fluid Energy Group is an industry leader in the supply of “Low-Hazard” alternative chemistry with a mission to supply environmentally conscious chemical solutions to industry that will ensure the safety and viability of client operations.

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