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Metatek Group

Metatek Group is a UK-based specialist geosciences company that acquires, processes and interprets a variety of high-resolution geophysical surveys for clients worldwide, including governments, national, multinational and independent oil & gas and mining companies.

Metatek Group has exclusive access to Lockheed Martin’s 4th-generation Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometer technology (“eFTG”) for airborne gravity surveys. Combined with Metatek Group’s proprietary processing software, eFTG surveys provide clients with best-in-class gravity data at a significantly lower cost and environmental footprint as compared with alternate seismic and other survey techniques. Metatek Group’s exclusive eFTG and allied survey methods extend its client base beyond the traditional energy and mining resource sector to the fast-growing, energy transition-driven geothermal, battery and rare earth sectors.

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